Psychoanalysis in Israel: New Beginnings, Old Trajectories

  • Eran J Rolnik
Schlagworte: psychoanalysis, Zionism, Eitingon, kibbuz, immigration, Freud, Arab Israeli conflict, Third Reich


The arrival of psychoanalysis in pre-state Israel in the early 20th century presents a unique chapter in the history of psychoanalysis. The paper explores the encounter between psychoanalytic expertise, Judaism, Modern Hebrew culture and the Zionist revolution. It offers a look at the relationship between psychoanalysis and a wider community, and follows the life and work of Jewish psychoanalysts during World War II. The coming of psychoanalysis to pre-state Israel, where it rapidly penetrated the discourse of pedagogy, literature, medicine, and politics, becoming a popular therapeutic to establish its identity in the face of its manifold European pasts and discipline, is regarded as an integral part of a Jewish immigrant society’s struggle with its conflict-ridden Middle Eastern present.


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Rolnik, E. J. (2015). Psychoanalysis in Israel: New Beginnings, Old Trajectories. Journal für Psychoanalyse, (56).